Your senses expanded. Your
fears unleashed. Your reality
altered... forever.

You awaken in a small, enclosed
room with metal walls. You have
no recollection of where you are.
Perhaps a prison cell? An angled
metal door lies ahead. With effort,
you push the creaky slab open.

This is not at all what you
expected. The "prison" you just
exited is now revealed to be a
small, badly-damaged spacecraft.
Walking along a trail in foreign
terrain, gun in hand, you journey
onward to find out where you are
and what your purpose is here.

Observing your surroundings
beyond the carnage reveals a
beautiful and serene, yet
somehow spooky, landscape.
Two moons are in the sky. Ruins
are in the distance. And a big,
bad, alien is eating one of your

Unreal places you in a stunningly
life-like 3D world that is as
dangerous as it is beautiful.
Whether playing alone or on the
internet, Unreal will change your
perception of what computer
games should be.

Epic Megagames


GT Interactive

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