1990 - 1999

In late January 1999, the eviction notice was posted on the company's office door. On February 2, Graeme Devine, his wife, and Trilobyte's first employee, office manager Diane Moses, turned the light switch off for the final time.

The shadow of Stauf had enveloped what was left of Trilobyte.

The dark clouds of failure may still circumscribe the story of Trilobyte for years to come, but in the end, like the Beatles, the company will be remembered for its successes, not its failures. In the annals of history, The 7th Guest will go down as a game that revolutionized the PC CD-ROM market, and Trilobyte will be known as the company that made possible the game everyone thought was impossible.

Geoff Keighley has done an excellent story on the history of Trilobyte at GameSpot

After leaving the Trilobyte office for the last time, Graeme Devine moved to Texas to take a position with id Software, where he is currently working on Quake 3: Arena, due for release later this year(1999).


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