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Nedan följer ett e-mail som vi har fått för andra eller tredje gången (suck). Detta är ett bedrägeriförsök som det har varnats för flera gånger. Alla kanske inte har stött på sådana här bondfångartrix förut så jag hoppas att kanske någon blir varnad. /Mats

MR JIDE ABIOLA.telephone:00228 910 8906.





Firstly, I must solicit your utmost confidence in this
proposal. This is by virtue of its nature as being
utterly confidential and top secret. I got your
contact from your country business directory. I am the
son of Chief Bashorum MKO Abiola, who died while in
detention on the 7th day of july, 1998.

My father contested and won the annulled June 12, 1993
Nigeria Presidential Election but was deprived of the
presidential seat by the former Northern Ruling Group
in the country popularly known as the "Kaduna Mafia".
This group consist of the past military heads of
states and the late military Junta Gen. Sani Abacha
who died on the 8th of June, 1998. They vowed not to
abdicate the presidential seat for any Southerner
claiming that the presidential seat is the Northern
Birth Right. To get rid of my father they claimed that
my father spent money to gain public mandate hence,
the annulment of the election.

The situation got worsened, when on the eve of June 12
first anniversary (11th June, 1994) my father declared
himself the president of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria. For this reason, he was declared wanted,
arrested, detained and was neither tried nor set free
until his death. Furthermore, my mother who was
fighting for the release of my father was shot dead by
unknown gunmen on the 4th of June, 1996. Note that
before the death of my mother, she deposited the sum
of USD 30.4 million with a security company and this
money belonged to my father.

Be informed that my family is a polygamous one and
since the death of my father, there has been
controversy over the sharing of his wealth and my
elder brothers from the wives of my father are
fighting tooth and nail to sit on my father's wealth ;
hence, my decision to transfer this fund to a foreign
hand who will help me in the investment of this money
in lucrative ventures for the benefit of myself and my
younger brother (Born of the same mother) and also
arrange for my stay in his country.

Note that this transaction is not known to my family
but to you and the security company. And to make sure
that this transaction will for ever be unknown to my
large family and Nigeria people, I have decided to
carry out this transaction here in Lome, Republic of
Togo, hence my temporary stay here. All modalities
necessary for the transfer of this fund have been
perfected and the transaction is 100% risk free.

Moreover, to ensure the safety of the transaction, I
have waited until now that Nigeria has returned to
democratic government. You are at liberty to inform me
in your reply to this letter, what will be your
commission in percentage of the total sum for your
assistance. Note that 5% of the total sum should stand
for any expenses that might be incurred in the process
of the transaction.

Contact me by the above email box and I will put you
into the complete picture of this project.

Awaiting your urgent reply.

Yours sincerely,
Certified Asshole