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Help to create a good and just society

What is the Coalition?

The National Jobs for All Coalition is committed to building a new movement for full employment at livable wages. This goal unites a diverse group of otherwise divided, single-issue constituencies. The Coalition includes indviduals and organizations with a wide range of interests-workers, women's, children's and seniors' rights, civil rights, and economic justice. Others work on health care, the environment, economic conversion, are acedemics, social workers and lawyers, artists or simply concerned individuals. The goals of all of us would be easier to reach if there were jobs for all at decent wages.

The Coalition is committed to a sustainable peacetime economy and to a democratic workplace that is supportive of families and communities. We believe in equality for groups traditionally disadvantage in the workplace: women, minorities, youth, the elderly, the disabled, immigrants, and gay men and women. Coalition policies would also enhance the economic security of a middle class suffering from downsizing and work stress.

Coalition members believe in the dignity of work and in a nation where everyone who wants to work cand find a decent-paying job. Although the need for certain government benefits will be reduced when we get jobs for all, some public income support will still be needed. Full employment would be real welfare reform. In the meantime, we must strengthen our safety net.

We Need Your Active Support!

Although Coalition members share the goal of full employment, that issue does not have to be their main focus. The Coalition provides a vehicle to relate their work to a full employment agenda.

You can join, ask your organization to join, start a group in your area or among fellow unionist, professionals, seniors, young people etc. You can volunteer to work on media, public relations, fund raising, editing, organizing, telephoning, writing letters to editors or in our office. Or you may have ideas of your own. Please let us know.

National Jobs for All Coalition
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 832
New York 10115-0050.


The Executive Committee

Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg, Chair
Sumner M. Rosen, Vice Chair
James Werner, Secretary
Janet Parker, Treasurer
Helen Lach-Ginsberg, June Zaccone, Publication
Susan Metz, Chair, Newsletter committee
Sheila Collins, Chair, Fund Raising Committee.
and more....

The Advisory Board

Donna Allen, President, Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press
Elaine Allen. NY Physicians for Soc.Respon.
Bill Ayres, Executive Dir. World Hunger Year
Elaine Bernard, Director, Trade Union Program, Harvard University
James K. Gailbraith. Prof. of Economics, University of Texas, Austin.
John K. Gailbraith, American Economic Assn.
Jörg Huffschmid, Prof. of Econ. University of Bremen (Germany)
Rudolf Meidner, National Insitute for Working Life, Sweden.
Therese Rajaniemi, Unemployment activist, Sweden.
Frank Roosevelt, Prof. of Enomics, Sarah Lawrence College
Sir Hans Singer, Insitute of Development Studies, Sussex, England.
Mark di Suvero, Sculptor.
Marjorie Hope & James Young, authors, The Faces of Homelessness
and many many more......

If you want more information about the Coalition if you are from Sweden contact:

Therese Rajaniemi
Granitväg. 13.
S-813 32 HOFORS

And I will send you the latest news and information about the National Jobs for All Coalition